Nuclear Power and the Climate Crisis

Sources and additional material for the presentation

In Germany and other European countries, the past few years have seen renewed discussions that frame nuclear power as a low-carbon technology and possible contribution to the mitigation of climate change. These discussions ignore the risks and environmental impacts associated with this technology and the unsolved problem of nuclear waste. They are also based on highly exaggerated assumptions regarding the technological potential of nuclear power. The climate crisis needs to be tackled as fast as possible – nuclear power is too weak, too expensive and too slow to contribute to mitigation efforts. Discussions in favour of nuclear power distract from the task at hand, thus hindering the necessary transition to renewable energies and worsening the crisis.

On this page, we provide a summary of the arguments for further reading as well as sources and links used in the presentation. The subdivision is based on the thematic blocks of the presentation.

We also recommend the .ausgestrahlt brochure on the topic and our website on nuclear power and the climate crisis (in German). You can view the presentation here.

Introduction: Recurring nuclear discussions

Status quo - Worldwide and in Europe

Quick fact check: "New" reactor concepts

The way forward: Renewable energies