Two-minute talk about Atomic Energy

Why it's necessary to decommision Nuclear Powerplants

Foto: Alberto Otero García

  • In order to produce Atomic energy, Uranium is necessary. Uranium is a radioactive heavy-metal, and it's mining causes major poisoning of the earth, water and air.  Uranium-Enrichment* is necessary for the production of nuclear reactors. During this process highly poisonous, radioactive and even destructive materials are transported throughout the whole world. *(Enriched uranium is a type of uranium in which the percent composition of uranium-235 has been increased through the process of isotope separation.)

The pediatric cancer rates are considerably higher in the vicinities of Nuclear Reactors
Foto: REUTERS/Kimimasa Mayama/Pool

  • Even during normal daily production, Nuclear reactors release radioactive chemicals into the environment. Even in small doses, nuclear radiaton is very dangerous for the health. The pediatric cancer rates are considerably higher in the vicinities of Nuclear Reactors (even normal working ones!).

nuclear-meltdown in Fukushima

  • A nuclear-meltdown the likes of Chernobyl or Fukushima (or 3-mile island? ed.) could re-occur any day now. Not only does it threaten the health of millions of humans (and animals? ed.) but it renders massive geographical areas uninhabitable for long periods of time. The risk of a serious accident increases with the age of each atomic reactor.

disposal of Atomic waste
Foto: Helmholtzzentrum München

  • The safe disposal of Atomic waste for the next 100s of 1000s of years is worldwide still a mystery. Nobody knows what should be done with the highly poisonous remains of Nuclear Energy. The so-called "nuclear fuel processing" of spent nuclear fuel increases the radioactive waste-pile as well.

Atom bomb
Foto: Pitopia

  • The civil use of Nuclear Power was originally ear-marked for the building of Atom bombs. Nuclear reactors, test-reactors, uranium-processing and development(?) plants are a well-travelled path for Governments wanting to conceal military Nuclear-war programmes.