Objection (“Einwendung”) to the expansion of the Lingen fuel element factory

German Version

Say no to the proposed expansion of the Lingen fuel element factory! Sign our objection form now!

The planned production of fuel elements under licence from and with the participation of the Russian state nuclear corporation Rosatom would give the Kremlin access to Germany’s nuclear infrastructure. The expansion would promote the continued operation of dangerous nuclear reactors throughout Europe, for example at the Temelín nuclear power plant in the Czech Republic and at the Kozloduy nuclear power plant in Bulgaria. It would also considerably increase the safety risks and burdens on site.

Please send the signed objection form to .ausgestrahlt, Große Bergstraße 189, 22767 Hamburg, Germany by 28 February 2024.

.ausgestrahlt will hand over the lists to the Lower Saxony Ministry of the Environment on time. A handwritten signature on paper is required by law. However, you can also scan the completed list and send it to info[at]