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Nuclear power and the climate crisis  - Status quo and prospects of a dangerous technology


In Germany and other European countries, the past few years have seen renewed discussions that frame nuclear power as a low-carbon technology and possible contribution to the mitigation of climate change. These discussions ignore the risks and environmental impacts associated with this technology and the unsolved problem of nuclear waste. They are also based on highly exaggerated assumptions regarding the technological potential of nuclear power. The climate crisis needs to be tackled as fast as possible – nuclear power is too weak, too expensive and too slow to contribute to mitigation efforts. Discussions in favour of nuclear power distract from the task at hand, thus hindering the necessary transition to renewable energies and worsening the crisis.

The EU Taxonomy: Can nuclear power be sustainable?


The European Union is drafting a regulation for the classification of sustainable finance products, the so-called Taxonomy. This sounds boring and bureaucratic, but it is actually one of the most significant projects of recent years and an important building block of the Green New Deal. Accordingly, the natural gas and nuclear lobbies, as well as various European countries, are trying hard to have their dirty technologies classified as sustainable. It‘s their ultimate attempt of greenwashing – with implications far beyond the financial sector and disastrous consequences for the climate and the environment.
In this webinar, we present the current state of the taxonomy, look at its meaning, and highlight the impact of gas and nuclear lobbies on the process. We examine the role of the EU member states and their backstage bargaining – and we will discuss the role of the climate justice movement in this context.

The taxonomy shows: it is important to address even this seemingly boring endeavor. Together, the climate justice movement must scandalize the processes around the taxonomy and increase public pressure to prevent the inclusion of fossil gas and nuclear.